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Whether you need a tree removed, your fruit trees pruned or shrubs trimmed, General Tree Service can provide all these and more.  Located in Beaverton, General Tree has been providing a wide range of tree services, including tree, shrub and plant health care to homes and businesses since 1924.

With certified arborists on staff and over 90 years in business, we can offer solutions other tree companies may not. So while you may think your only option is removal, our arborists will evaluate your tree and possibly offer other alternatives so the tree can be saved. 

That’s the General Tree difference-offering you choices in the care of your trees, shrubs and plants.  With customizable programs for maintenance and health care, we want everything in your Beaverton yard to stay healthy for years to come.

  • Over 90 years serving Portland metro
  • Certified arborists & TCIA accredited
  • Written estimates by trained experts

We work hard to achieve complete customer satisfaction, which is probably why so many of our customers keep coming back year after year. 

Safety is a priority during tree removalBeaverton Tree Removal

Having any tree removed requires skill to make sure it’s done safely and without damage to your home, vehicles or other trees.  It’s even more precarious when that tree is near powerlines, buildings or in tight quarters to other trees.

All these are reasons why you need to hire a professional for any tree removals on your Beaverton property.

General Tree has experienced crews who do this on a daily basis so no matter how complex your removal, they know the proper techniques to use and have the right equipment on hand.  Safety devices are placed to control traffic and all crew wears the necessary head, eye and ear protection.

Climbers use safety lines when working above 15 feet and the ground crew helps when large limbs are lowered.  Of course, all debris is removed once we’re done with the job.

What comes next? Stump removal

Once your tree has been taken down, grinding the stump will give you the most options for restoring your landscape.  Stump removal will leave you with a flat area that you can cover with bark or rock (if in a landscaped area) or you can plant grass or flowers over it and no one will ever know that a tree used to be there.

Pruning is essential to healthy trees

Pruning your trees on a regular basis is necessary to keep them healthy and structurally sound.  Of course, not all trees are the same so it’s important to have a trained expert do the pruning as damage can occur when improper cutting techniques are used. 

Our arboricultural professionals follow the ANSI A300 standards approved by the TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association).  So whether we’re doing hazard reduction to remove dead or diseased branches or maintenance pruning for better growth and structure, we’ll have a clear objective for each tree.

Pruning includes many types such as thinning the canopy to improve air movement or crown restoration after a storm has caused significant damage. Pruning can be done at most any time of the year, in fact our motto is “It’s always a good time to prune.”

Pruning trees has many benefitsBeaverton Pruning Service

  • Lowers humidity to help prevent fungal infections
  • Allows more air to flow through canopy
  • Increases light penetration
  • Reduces weight
  • Keep trees healthy and looking great

Specialty pruning of trees and shrubs

Our tree experts, which includes certified arborists and tree consultants, offer all types of specialty pruning to improve the health, structure and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs.

From detail pruning of your yard’s most valued trees to production fruit tree pruning so your trees bear more fruit to vista pruning for a better view, we’ve got you covered. 

Our tree professionals always follow ANSI guidelines to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and strong. Visit our Specialty Pruning page for more details on these services.

Paul was great, and we could not have been happier with the crew!

- Cindy M.

Beaverton area rep

Our Beaverton area rep is Paul and he'll be happy to customize a program for your home or business.

With 30 years of experience in the green industry, Paul is an ISA certified arborist and tree risk assessor.

Paul has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Landscape Technology from Portland Community College and is a licensed commercial pesticide applicator through the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Tree and shrub care services

Your trees and shrubs will grow strong and healthy.

  • Tree removal & stump grinding
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Tree & shrub pruning
  • Fruit tree pruning
  • Tree & shrub fertilization
  • Root health care services
  • Root zone enhancement
  • Insect & disease control
  • Consulting arborist
  • Arborist reports

Lawn care services

You’ll have the nicest lawn in your neighborhood.

  • Aeration & fertilization
  • Weed & insect control
  • Lime & moss control treatments

Plant health care & weed control

We’ll customize our services to fit your needs.

  • Weekly/monthly maintenance
  • Weed control
  • Plant Health Care
  • Planting & transplanting
  • Seasonal cleanups

Contact us today to schedule a visit with one of our trained professionals.

Beaverton Tree Care

Root Zone Enhancement improves tree health

Since the root mass is responsible for delivering water and nutrients throughout the tree, Root Zone Enhancement focuses on restoring ideal growing conditions to the tree's root mass to increase growth.

You can read more about RZE on our Root Health Care page. We want your trees to have a long and healthy life.

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