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Arboriculture Career Is Rewarding And Full Of Opportunities

Some people just aren’t cut out to work a desk job and seek a more fulfilling job that incorporates some aspects of what they love to do.  So, if you love nature and want a job that offers variety then a career in arboriculture may be for you.

Why choose a job in arboriculture?

Maybe you want to help make this world a better place and that means doing something good for our environment.  You understand the vital role that trees play in helping keep our water, air and soil clean.

Job security is important for many, especially in a job market where some industries are experiencing cut backs or losing jobs to automation.

The tree care industry is growing, which means companies are looking for skilled employees on a regular basis.  Plus, you can feel safe knowing your job won’t be obsolete in a few years. These are good jobs with the average person earning $40,000/year or higher.

General Tree Service is growing, which means we’re actively looking for qualified people to add to our family of tree professionals.  As a bonus, we offer a full benefits package that includes healthcare and vacation.

AAS degree in Arboriculture

For those interested in this field, Clackamas Community College offers a program to get an Arboriculture AAS (Associate of Applied Science) degree in 2 years.  There are several areas of study available.

Entry-level positions in Arboriculture industry

An AAS degree qualifies you for entry-level positions in commercial, municipal and urban forestry arboriculture with the possibility of moving into management later.  Get your degree and you’ll be able to get a job in any of the following areas.

What will you learn during your 2 years?

The CCC program was developed to thoroughly prepare you for working in all aspects of the arboriculture industry, including practical experience with standard equipment.

NALP approved program

The NALP is the National Association of Landscape Professionals and is the only nationally recognized endorsement for colleges with Landscaping and Horticulture curricula.  We’re happy to say the CCC program meets and exceeds their standards.

The staff at General Tree Service knows how rewarding a career in arboriculture can be and invite you to ponder the possibility of pursuing a career in this field.

To learn more about the Arboriculture program, visit the Clackamas Community College website or contact Loretta Mills at 503-594-3292.  The trees will thank you for helping make the Earth a better place.