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Frequently Asked Questions From Portland Homeowners

General Tree Service often hears the same questions from homeowners in Portland so here’s the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

The FAQs have been divided into 2 parts. Part 1 deals with mostly landscaping while Part 2 focuses on tree care.

Why are your services so expensive?

Our staff is comprised of experienced tree and landscape experts (ISA certified arborists, TCIA Certified Tree Risk Assessors, etc.).  Having licensed professionals care for your trees and landscaping means we offer the most effective solution to solve the problem ensuring your money is well spent.  

While our services may seem more expensive, we believe we provide our customers with a better value because money is not wasted on solutions that don’t work or wrong diagnoses.

How can I care for my landscape without pesticides?

General Tree Service uses the most environmentally friendly products available and registered with the EPA.  For example, we incorporate organic and bio-rational products such as summer spray oil and BT as a major source of insect control.

Why do I need to spray so many times?

Our mild climate is great for growing a wide variety of trees and shrubs, but it’s also very conducive for Spring diseases. 

Because of this, pathogens are literally everywhere and if you choose a plant that is susceptible to a disease, you will see disease symptoms.

The good news is that our control programs can significantly reduce disease symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no “cure”, so repeated treatments are necessary to keep disease symptoms in check.  

There are also things you can do to help reduce disease symptoms, such as keeping your landscape clean by removing fallen leaves/twigs and properly pruning your trees and shrubs regularly.

Will fertilization really help? What are some of the benefits of fertilization?

Deep-root fertilization is a process of pressure injecting slow-release nutrients into the root zone of your tree.  Slow-release nutrients replenish important building blocks to aid in healthy, vigorous root growth throughout winter and keeps trees going strong through the heavy demands of Spring growth and bloom.

Part 2 of our FAQs focuses on tree care and will be posted soon.