Tree Consulting Services for Portland Oregon and SW Washington

Tree Consulting Services Portland OregonAs a full-service tree company, General Tree Services provides service to Portland Oregon and SW Washington though many people may not be aware of our tree consulting services.

We have many ISA Certified Arborists with Tree Risk Assessment qualification to consult for a wide variety of tree-related issues for both residential and commercial clients.

From the homeowner who needs a hazard report for tree removal to the business owner who wants a plan for managing the care and cost of the trees on their property, we can take care of you.

Our most common tree consulting services

Tree inventory can help manage care and cost

A Certified Arborist can map all the trees in your landscaping to create a database of information and photos to manage future tree services.  Tree inventories are especially helpful for entities like larger estates, schools, cemeteries, universities, professional campuses, golf courses or parks that have a large group of trees on their property.

Providing tree maintenance services for a group of trees can be complex.  A tree inventory makes it much easier to keep your trees healthy.  For example, budgeting and prioritizing pruning is a breeze when you can quickly access records that tell you which trees were pruned last year.

What does a tree inventory include?

  • Species
  • Trunk diameter
  • Condition
  • Disease issues
  • Pruning priority
  • Last pruning date
  • Any other info client wants to know

All the recorded information is integrated into a detailed map using GIS.   GIS stands for Geographic Information System and has capabilities to store, record, analyze and display data relating to your trees’ location and geography.  Think of it this way- it’s like a super accurate GPS for your trees and gives us the ability to create customizable information rich maps.

Construction planning tree report

Arborist Reports and Tree Preservation Plans

As part of pre-construction planning, development and construction, companies are often required to submit an Arborist report complete with a Tree Preservation Plan.

General Tree can supply you with written documentation citing what trees can be removed and which can stay in order for you to be in compliance with city/state regulations.

To improve quality and accuracy, our service can even include on-site supervision to help with the implementation of your tree preservation plan.

Limit liability with tree risk assessment

In a risk assessment, a tree is evaluated for the likelihood of its failure and the potential consequences of such a failure. Tree risk assessments are a great tool for businesses and can only be performed by a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist.

A Risk Mitigation plan allows a business to assess their liability and be proactive in addressing a hazardous situation before an incident occurs.

Value appraisals for your trees

Trees increase the value of any property.  We provide evaluations of the monetary value of a tree or group of trees based on their location, condition, size and species.  These value appraisals can be used for insurance claims, tax deductions, legal claims or real-estate assessments when buying or selling.

Proper permits for tree services

Tree permits vary so let us help you navigate the sometimes-complicated process of city regulations.  Our staff is familiar with the permit process in Oregon and SW Washington communities and will obtain the proper permits for pruning and/or removal before any work begins.

Consulting covers a wide range of services, which is why fees are decided on a case by case basis.  It’s best to contact General Tree Service with a description of what you need done and we will provide you with an estimate.

Oct 25, 2017