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Hillsboro Oregon Tree Service

Since 1924, General Tree Service has been providing professional tree services for homes and businesses in the Hillsboro area, including Aloha, Cornelius, Hazeldale and Farmington. From tree removals to pruning to weed control and plant care, our team of experts work to make residential and commercial property look its best.

  • Serving community over 90 years
  • TCIA Accredited
  • ISA Certified Arborists
  • Written estimates by tree experts

With our vast array of tree, shrub and plant care service, you can spend your free time enjoying your outdoor space, not working in your yard.  We’ve got you covered from Tanasbourne to Arbor Roses and Orenco to Meadow Oaks and beyond.

Proper pruning vital for tree healthHillsboro Pruning Services

Did you know that damage from improper pruning can cause problems throughout the tree’s life?  Avoid any issues by having your trees pruned by the professionals at General Tree. 

Our certified arborists offer all types of hazard reduction and maintenance pruning as well as specialty pruning for fruit tree production, containment and more.   The entire staff of General Tree experts follow ANSI A300 standards approved by the TCIA. 

Reduce storm damage with maintenance pruning

When done on a regular basis, pruning helps keep trees healthy by promoting a strong structural frame as they grow.  Another benefit is that it can decrease the chance of costly storm damage to your Hillsboro home, business or vehicles.

  • Thinning the canopy allows wind to pass through the tree rather than toppling it.
  • Removes dead, dying and diseased branches that are weak and more prone to breaking.
  • Fewer branches mean less accumulation of heavy snow or ice that can cause breakage.

As you can see, there’s many advantages to having your trees and shrubs pruned so don’t wait, contact us today.

Safe tree tremovals for homes and businessesHillsboro Tree Removal

Removing a tree is a big job and best done by professionals.  It can get even more complicated and potentially dangerous when the tree is in tight quarters with power lines, your home or other trees.

That’s where our expert crews really make a difference.  We’ll arrive at your home or business with all the equipment and tools necessary to take down your tree safely.

  • Crew wears head, eye and ear protection
  • Climbers use safety lines when working above 15 ft.
  • Safety devices deployed to control traffic
  • Ground crew removes debris when done

Whether a tree was toppled during a storm or poses a hazard, we can take down even the largest of trees with ease.  For your convenience, we also offer stump grinding for those who want stump removal too. 

Flexible Plant Health Care for your landscaping

Healthy plants are stronger and able to fight off many damaging insects and diseases that thrive in the Pacific NW.  Therefore, we believe it’s smart to focus on plant health care as it’s always better to ward off problems if you can. 

Since every landscape has unique needs, our plant technicians will tailor a program specifically developed for the plants and shrubs in your yard.   Monthly or weekly visits are part of our year-round plan to keep your landscape healthy and looking great.  

Ornamental Insect and Disease Control

Our mild climate is great for growing.  It also means it’s conducive to cultivating damaging insects and diseases.  That’s why we have Ornamental Insect and Disease Control treatment programs for problems common to our area.Hillsboro insect disease control

  • Care for Dogwood Anthracnose
  • Rhododendron & Azalea protection from Azalea Lace Bug
  • Birch tree treatment for Bronze Birch Borer
  • Elm tree protection for Elm bark beetles
  • Oak preservation including oak gall & pit scale control treatments
  • Leaf spot control for ash, willow & sycamore trees
  • Home fruit tree programs for codling moth & cherry fruit fly control

Punctual and honest! We had GTS come out for a quote on a few trees that looked like they might need some attention and Kevin kept it real with us, didn't try to sell us on work that didn't need to be completed.

- Jes M.

Hillsboro community rep

Paul Jackson is the Hillsboro area rep. An ISA certified arborist and tree risk assessor, Paul has 30 years of experience in the green industry.

He’s got a degree in Landscape Technology and is a licensed commercial pesticide applicator through the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture.

Value of preventative care

It’s usually more cost effective to prevent problems than treat them once they are well established.

For this reason, preventative programs like plant health care and dormant applications are some of our most popular services.

Tree and Shrub Care

Our trained crews follow strict protocols to keep everyone safe during all tree procedures.

  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • All types of pruning
  • Tree & shrub fertilization
  • Tree root health care services
  • Insect & disease control programs
  • Consulting arborist services

Lawn Care and Weed Control

We think you’ve earned the right to relax this year.

  • Fertilization & Aeration
  • Weed & insect control
  • Lime & moss control applications

Plant Health Care

Year-round programs help keep plants healthy to fight off damaging insects and disease.

  • Ornamental Insect & Disease Control
  • Dormant applications
  • Ornamental bed weed control
  • Planting & transplanting
  • Monthly or weekly service
Hillsboro plant health care

Why are dormant applications so beneficial?

It reduces the number of over-wintering insects and their eggs that hatch the next spring. Plus, it helps control bacterial disease infections.

An essential part of our year-round PHC program, dormant applications do not eliminate the need for insect and disease control treatments during the growing season, but it does decrease the chance of problems developing.

Root Health Services

Do you have an aging tree in declining health or one with girdling roots? Sometimes trees need extra care and that’s why we offer Root Health Care services. 

Root Zone Enhancements and Root Collar Excavations restore the ideal growing conditions found in nature by helping the tree’s roots better absorb the nutrients and water it needs. Learn more by visiting our Root Health Care page.

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