Emergency tree service and removal

For Salem, Portland Oregon and SW Washington

Portland Emergency tree service

Did a storm knock down a tree in your yard?

Since 1924, General Tree Service has been providing emergency tree service to homes and businesses in the Willamette Valley, Portland Oregon and SW Washington.

Whether a tree fell on your house causing structural damage or hit power lines on the way down, the professionals at General Tree can handle even the most complicated and dangerous tree removals.

We take the stress out of emergency tree removalPortland Emergency Tree Service

It’s never fun dealing with storm damage or downed trees so the staff at General Tree Service wants to make the situation as stress free as possible for you.

From the first phone call to the completion of our service, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and strive to make the process as pleasant as it can be.

When we arrive at your property, we’ll quickly assess the situation and take care of any immediate dangers to prevent further damage. After careful evaluation by our crew, we’ll explain to you what needs to be done.

If we’re presenting multiple options, we will explain the pros and cons of each. Our goal is to give you all of the critical information so you can make the best choice.

Safety is always a concern

All employees receive training in proper safety procedures as we’re not only concerned about our crews, but also your family and property. In order to keep everyone safe, our crews always follow the standard procedures listed below.

  • All climbers use tree saddles and safety lines when working above 15 feet.
  • Ground crews wear hard hats and place safety devices to control pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Appropriate head, eye and ear protection is worn by all crew members.
  • Large limbs are lowered to the ground using ropes and rigging.
  • Only trained employees are allowed to work within 10 feet of an energized line.

Decrease risk of storm damage with tree maintenancePortland emergency tree removal

Also referred to as preventative pruning or structural pruning, regular tree maintenance can reduce the chance of damage to your trees. How? By removing weak, dead or dying branches before they have a chance to break.

Crown cleaning and crown reduction lessens wind resistance by removing small branches to allow wind to more easily pass through the crown of a tree. Trees can topple when the crown is so thick that the wind can't pass through it so instead, the wind pushes over the entire tree.

In addition, we have several certified arborists on staff who can inspect your trees for insect infestation and disease as these 2 things can weaken trees and make them more susceptible to breakage.

It makes sense for Portland homeowners to invest in regular maintenance pruning as it can save stress, time and money when damage is avoided later.

I think you do a great job. I have recommended you to several of my friends that have used you and were very happy with you also.

- Marietta, Portland Oregon

Equipment and experience is necessary

No matter what your situation, dealing with trees downed by storm damage requires the right equipment and experience in order to prevent further damage.

This is where having trained professionals make all the difference between having the job done right and incurring more destruction when an inexperienced company doesn’t follow proper procedures.

We like to say that we're big enough to provide all the tree, shrub and plant care you may need yet small enough to care for each customer as if they are our only customer.

Portland Tree Service

Tips when trees or large branches fall on your property

  • Don’t try to move it yourself; call a tree company as they know how to safely deal with it.
  • If the tree hit a power line, do not go near it. Call the power company and report the incident.
  • If the tree or limbs fell on your house, vehicle or other structure, make sure no one is hurt. If there’s no immediate danger to yourself or your family, call a tree service right away.
  • For insurance purposes, you will want to take photos of the damage though make sure you are not exposing yourself to further harm to do this.
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