Want the landscaping in your yard to look its best?

Plant health care services are the answer.

Portland Oregon plant health care services

For 90 years, General Tree Service has been providing homeowners and businesses in Portland, Salem and Vancouver Washington with tree and landscaping services. Our plant health care services include targeted programs for everything from weed control to insect and disease control.

Our quality service and proven performance have made us THE landscape care company to call in Portland Oregon. Our staff of certified arborists and plant experts, led by Steve Zetterlund, is committed to working with you to create a beautiful and healthy landscape for your continued enjoyment.

Our focus is environmentally friendly programs to get everything in your yard to grow big and strong as that makes them more resistant to disease and pests.

More than 90% of insect and disease problems caused by basic needs not being met

That’s right. If you meet the basic needs of your plants so they are strong and healthy, their own defense system wards off the majority of pests they encounter along with increasing their ability to fight off diseases. This means you greatly reduce the need for pest control.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is really true when it comes to your plants. So, the question you should be asking is “How can I maintain healthy strong plants?” and the answer is Plant Health Care Services.

Why invest in Plant Health Care?Plant health care services

  • Save money-costs less to prevent problems
  • Good for the environment- everyone benefits from healthy plants
  • Protects your investment-landscaping is part of your real estate
  • Your landscaping will look FANTASIC!

We work together so your lawn will be a beautiful, healthy and pleasing part of your landscape.

Plant Health Care Starts with Ornamental Insect and Disease Control

General Tree uses an integrated approach to strengthen plant health and nutrition to protect against disease and infestation from insects. Our programs offer inspections and treatments (as needed) for year-round control of common insects and disease problems found in most ornamental landscapes in the Portland-Vancouver area.

Portland Plant Ornamental Insect Disease Control
  • Dogwood care
  • Elm protection
  • Oak preservation
  • Leaf spot control for ash, willow and sycamore trees
  • Orchard programs for home fruit trees

Environmentally friendly programs to fit your needs

General Tree has been using environmentally friendly methods as part of our tree and shrub care programs long before they became so popular. From the beginning, we have been committed to using the most environmentally responsible products available and registered by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Our programs incorporate organic or bio-rational products such as summer spray oil, BT and Pyrethrums as a major source of insect control in our Plant Health Care programs. When we are charged with the health of your outdoor environment, we take it very seriously.

Lawn Care Programs

Our lawn care specialist visit every 6 to 8 weeks to apply the proper blend of nutrients and broadleaf weed control. Other services include:

  • Moss control
  • European Crane Fly control
  • Lime applications
  • Lawn renovations
  • Spring or fall aeration

Free Service Calls

Service calls are free to customers who subscribe to complete programs. We encourage our customers to call if they have questions or need advice about their landscape.

Careful inspection by plant experts

Plant health care inspections

We inspect your landscape before we treat your plants.

Our technicians are trained to recognize insect, disease and cultural problems and will treat affected plants only when needed.

This results in a healthier landscape and benefits our environment by limiting the amount of chemical control materials applied.

I have greatly appreciated the concern and proactive service that General Tree has demonstrated.
They certainly are as motivated to care for my grounds as I am.

- Wendy S., Portland, Oregon

Ornamental Bed Weed Control

This program controls weeds year-round in your ornamental beds, bark dust and gravel landscape areas by applying pre-emergents and post emergents as needed.

We'll inspect your landscape on a regular schedule and treat any weeds we find.

Fertilization for Healthier Plants

Fertilization of plants

Plants in urban landscaping don’t receive the benefit of natural fertilization and require additional fertilization to maintain their health and appearance.

Our nutrient blend replaces and supplements the elements used by plants.

Pressure injected, deep root fertilization aerates the soils while placing water and nutrients right at the roots for optimum uptake by the plants.

For certain shallow rooted plants, a liquid application may also be applied.

Commercial Weed Control

Own a business or manage multiple properties? Let us help you maintain your professional image by providing year-round weed and brush control for commercial property in Portland Oregon and SW Washington.

Contact us to schedule your free estimate for plant health care or any of our other services.

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