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Commercial accounts & Wilsonville rep

I grew up in Eastern Washington spending my summers working on a wheat farm from high school all the way through college. I have a bachelor’s degree in Forestry/Geography from Eastern Washington University and Washington State University with a minor in Biology.
I have been involved in urban forestry for over 30 years and have been working for General Tree Service for over 27 years. I am an ISA certified arborist and am a licensed commercial pesticide applicator and consultant through the Oregon Department of Agriculture.
I enjoy fishing, hunting, golf and bowling but my biggest passion is competitive gardening and particularly, growing giant pumpkins. I have grown a personal best 1,868 lb. pumpkin and am ranked amongst the top 10 growers in the world.
I am a board member of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth which oversees the competitive weighing of thousands of giant fruits and vegetables throughout the world. I am also a founder of the Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers, a Northwest group of competitive gardening fanatics! I welcome the opportunity to meet and work with you to help you care for your trees and landscapes throughout your home and business.