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Tigard Tree Service

Since 1924, General Tree Service has been providing Tigard homes and businesses with a wide range of tree, landscape maintenance and lawn care services.  Whether you need a large Douglas fir removed, some shrubs trimmed or weed control for your commercial lot, we can help you with your tree-related problems.

With a staff of certified arborists and trained tree professionals, you can rely on us for expert recommendations so if you thought cutting down the tree was your only option, you may be surprised when we offer other solutions.  To help you decide, we’ll gladly answer your questions so you can make the right decision.

Why should you trust General Tree?

  • Serving Portland for over 90 years
  • Written estimates by tree professionals
  • TCIA accredited and certified arborists

All these reasons are why so many of our customers keep coming back year after year while adding more items to the list of services that we perform for them.

Tigard tree removal by professionalsTigard Tree Removal

Tree removal can be tricky, especially if the tree is located near your home or in tight quarters so it’s best done by professionals.

Our experienced crew will arrive at your Tigard home or business with all the right tools and equipment to cut down your tree.

While we work quickly, we never compromise our safety protocols as we would never put you, your family or our employees in harm’s way.  

  • Climbers use tree saddles and safety lines
  • Ground crew assists in safely lowering large limbs
  • Safety devices are used to control traffic
  • Everyone wears head, eye and ear protection
  • All debris is removed when done

Stump removal is the finishing touch

Stump removal or grinding is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of your stump.  With our grinder the stump will be reduced to a pile of wood chips, which can then be used to cover the area or you can fill it with dirt and plant grass or flowers.  This gives you more options so you can blend the area into your existing landscape.

When was the last time you had your trees pruned?

Pruning trees and shrubs is often overlooked though it should be a regular part of your landscape maintenance.   There’s many varieties of trees and shrubs, all of which require different techniques to promote strong healthy growth while looking aesthetically pleasing. 

2 goals for pruning trees

  • Maintenance pruning is done when you want to maintain or improve the tree’s health and structure and can include hazard reduction pruning.
  • Hazard reduction pruning is done to lessen the danger of possible damage caused by visible hazards, such as removing dead branches hanging over your house.

Our tree trimming experts always follow ANSI A300 standards approved by the TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association).  So whether it’s lift pruning to provide clearance above a sidewalk or crown thinning to increase light penetration and air movement, we have clear goals of what will be accomplished before we start trimming.  

Specialty pruning to meet all your needsTigard Pruning

Do you have a prized oak that’s the focal point of your front lawn?  You may want detail pruning to keep your high value tree looking good and healthy for years to come.

If you’ve got apple trees, production pruning will maximize fruit production in the following ways:

  • Center of the canopy is thinned for air circulation and sunlight penetration
  • Sides of canopy are reduced to promote strong lateral branching
  • Foliage is maintained to help prevent sun scalding in upper branches

From vista pruning to detail pruning, our tree professionals have got all your specialty pruning needs covered.  For more info, visit our Specialty Pruning page.

One of the greatest challenges on our landscaped acre in Tigard had been the weeds that came back every spring. I was referred to Tim at General Tree regarding the Pre-emergent applications they perform to cut back on weeds. I LOVE Pre-emergent and General Tree!!! Best investment ever!!

- Marti W., Tigard, Oregon

Tigard community rep

Our Tigard area rep is Greg. He has worked in the green industry for 30 years and is an ISA certified arborist and tree risk assessor.

Greg specializes in consulting, tree preservation and plant health care and is licensed by the OSDA & WSDA in both ornamental & agricultural insect, disease & weed management, plus right of way and forestry.

Tree and shrub care services

  • Tree and stump removal
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Shade and ornamental tree pruning
  • Shrub pruning
  • Fruit tree pruning
  • Root zone enhancement
  • Root collar excavation
  • Consulting arborist services
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Insect and disease control programs

Lawn care services

  • Fertilization
  • Weed and insect control
  • Lime and moss control applications
  • Aeration

Landscape maintenance services

  • Weekly and monthly maintenance
  • Seasonal cleanups
  • Planting and transplanting
  • Weed and brush control
  • Plant Health Care
Tigard Tree Care

Are your trees healthy?

The trees in your yard are valuable. You should do everything you can to keep them strong and healthy and that includes proper tree maintenance.

Our root health care treatments focus on restoring ideal growing conditions found in nature so the tree’s root mass can better absorb and deliver water and nutrients to all parts of the tree.

Your trees may benefit from Root Zone Enhancement or Root Collar Excavation. Read more on our Root Health Care page.

Commercial Tree Services

When customers see that your landscaping is well-maintained, they’ll likely associate it with a high level of customer care and that’s something from which you’ll benefit.

With our landscape and lawn maintenance, we’ll make sure your commercial property looks well-kept and inviting. 

Our business is growing great relationships