Growing Customer Relationships Is Focus Of General Tree Service

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Connecting with Portland customers via Social Media

Part 1 of a 3-part series

We like to say we’re big enough to provide all the tree, shrub and plant care you may need though small enough to care for each customer as if they’re our only customer.

While many things have changed in the tree care industry, the one thing that has stayed the same is our devotion to our customers.

Now, social media is giving us opportunities to better connect with our customers and we welcome the chance to strengthen our relationship with the Portland, Vancouver, SW Washington and Willamette Valley communities.

History of General Tree Service

For those of you not familiar with General Tree Service, here’s a little background about us.  Founded in 1924 by William Owen and his son Kenneth, they started by treating backyard fruit orchards in the Portland area.

Over the years as business grew, they expanded their services to include pruning of fruit and flowering trees and the construction and maintenance of lawns and landscape work.  By the 60’s, they had 3 major routes serving a substantial number of private homes, golf courses, country clubs and businesses.

For three generations, the company was kept in the Owen family until it was sold to its then General Manager, John Landon in 1985.  The company remained committed to the philosophy of service set forth by the Owens while it continued to expand its services into new areas.

General Tree Service can now perform almost any aspect of tree and landscape care for our thousands of customers located throughout Portland Oregon, the Willamette Valley, Vancouver and SW Washington.

John’s son, Clint is now running the company though our mission and motto remain the same-“Our business is growing great relationships.”


Despite the ‘ups and downs’ of the economy over the years, General Tree Service has managed to sustain its business and even flourish.  How did we do it?  We believe in our motto “Our business is growing great relationships.”

To all our employees, it’s more than just a tagline meant to sound good.  It’s the foundation our business was built on and has kept us going for almost 100 years.  To help foster better relationships with all customers, we encourage them to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Through these social media platforms, we not only highlight current local events, we also draw attention to potential problems facing homeowners regarding landscape and lawn care, such as the Japanese Beetle outbreak throughout Oregon.

Educating clients builds trust

We realize most of our customers are not a 1-time purchaser.  They rely on us for ongoing service for their tree and landscaping needs.  They need to know they can trust us to give them our absolute best professional advice while also educating them so they can make the best decision regarding their property.

Gaining their trust is important and that’s why we are active on social media.  While we want to strengthen our relationship with current customers, we also want to reach out and build ties with new people who have yet to experience our service.

Part 2 coming soon

Part 2 of this series introduces you to the management team of General Tree Service that works hard to provide stellar tree and landscape services to the Portland/Vancouver metro area.

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