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For more than 90 years, General Tree Service has been providing the Portland-Vancouver metro area with quality tree and landscape services.  Some people are not aware of other services offered by our in-house landscape design specialist, Iris Reimnitz.

Iris creates outdoor living spaces for small to medium residential gardens and yards.  If you want to transform your yard, she’ll blend your interests and lifestyle into a garden or patio design that is perfectly suited to your family.

Landscape design specialist services

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape consultations
  • Outdoor container gardening

If you’re overwhelmed by any of the landscape problems listed below, we can offer solutions to make your yard the envy of your neighborhood.  As a bonus, General Tree can do the work so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy it.

  • Design plan for front or back yard or specific part of your landscape.
  • Adding outdoor containers to your entryway or patio space.
  • Problem spots in your landscape that need attention.
  • Want to plant a new tree but don’t know what kind to choose.
  • Overgrown landscaped area needing renovation and fresh look.
  • Plants or trees to block view of neighbors, new construction or road.


Ever heard of the saying “the right plant for the right place? Iris truly believes this and takes it to heart as she creates landscape and garden designs.

With 19 years of experience under her belt, she relies on her extensive knowledge of mature size, appearance throughout the year and low maintenance as she selects plants and trees for your yard.

Whether you want a patio for entertaining, a relaxing water feature or a simple pathway, she likes to enhance her designs by incorporating the following into her landscape creations.

  • Colorful low maintenance plants (more below)
  • Sustainable & drought tolerant plants-Rockrose, California lilac and Blue Oat Grass
  • Rain gardens-shallow depression of native plants blended with existing landscape to collect rainwater or direct water from paved areas or disconnected downspouts
  • Butterfly, bee & bird friendly designs (more below)

Colorful low maintenance plants

Sustainable landscapes and gardens that sit lightly on the earth giving preference to plants that thrive with our climate, soil type and precipitation patterns of the Pacific Northwest.

Low maintenance plants like Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’ will brighten any yard and are key to a thriving landscape.  Epimedium features delightful leaves and can survive in bone dry shade.

Drift roses offer easy care while blooming all summer long.  Birds love the brown nutlets found on NW native Pacific Wax Myrtle in the fall.

Butterfly, bee and bird friendly designs

Create a healthy habitat by planting a food source to invite bees and butterflies to help pollinate your garden while birds take on pest control duty.   As a bonus, you are adding beauty and excitement to your garden as it will contain a large variety of flowers that bloom continuously throughout the seasons.

Purple Coneflower, lavender and hardy fuchsias work well in these design and other inviting elements such as birdbaths can be added too.


Everyone has a certain style and no matter what yours is, Iris can create a design that will fit your home, taste and budget. Here’s a description of the 3 main styles.  Which one fits you?

NW natural landscapes use native and sustainable plants and elements that naturally thrive in our lush temperate NW climate.

Cottage gardens feature lush flowers tumbling over a pathway, vines clambering up structures as well as beds and borders thick with shrubs, perennials, edibles and annuals.  Such combinations mean there’s always something in bloom and seem to follow the “order of disorder” style.

minimalist or modern design is all about space and how it is used. Stylish with bold, simple lines, it tends to use a restricted ‘palette’ of hardscape materials and plants.


  • 1. Set up a meeting with Iris so she can gather information, get to know your needs and discuss priorities and budgets.
  • 2. Good design starts with property measurements. You’re welcome to provide these to save time and money.
  • 3. Iris reviews the site and studies the landscape, so she can create her design plan and present it to you.
  • 4. Installation can be done by General Tree Service, DIY or working with another landscape contractor. Whatever you choose, Iris will work with the crew to ensure proper installation and make your design plan a reality.
  • 5. Finally, your project has grown and blossomed…time to enjoy!

Let’s find out more about Iris. . .

As an employee for General Tree Service for over 19 years, Iris has had the pleasure of creating beautiful outdoor spaces for many of our clients.  Iris holds a bachelor’s degree and teaching certification from the University of Washington.

After working as an elementary teacher for 8 years, she realized her true passion in life was not in the classroom but helping homeowners transform their landscapes into something they can enjoy.

Her keen awareness for design/space potential, attention to detail and extensive knowledge of plants and trees (including NW natives as well as plants sustainable in our NW gardens and landscapes) make her perfect for this job.

Iris enjoys working with her clients to make their outdoor spaces useful and easy to care for and what better place than Oregon’s natural environment?!  Contact Iris to set up your consultation.

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