Consulting Arborist services for Portland-Vancouver

Portland Consulting Arborist services

Trees are all around us and while we love them, they can cause problems or present safety issues that need to be dealt with by a professional.  That’s why General Tree Service offers consultations by ISA certified arborists.

Why consult an arborist about tree issues?

  • Trees increase property value but poorly maintained trees can be a liability
  • Trees add beauty while playing valuable role in our environment
  • Prevention is always cheaper than the cure

Whether it’s your home or commercial property, we provide service to the entire Portland-Vancouver metro area as well as the Willamette Valley.  From tree inventories for universities to tree preservation plans for commercial developers to tree risk assessments for a business, we can handle your tree-related issues.

Root evaluations help Portland homeownersPortland root evaluations

Home owners often contact us with concerns about tree roots as they can cause a multitude of issues such as cracking pavement or obstructing your new deck plans.

Since root problems lead to whole tree problems, tree roots issues need to be taken seriously, which is why a root evaluation may be necessary.

By studying a tree and its roots, we can give you a proper assessment of the situation. If the roots are currently causing damage, we can tell you what can be done to remedy the problem.

If you had plans to build a deck or install landscaping, we’ll let you know if cutting specific tree roots will harm your tree. Every situation is different though a root evaluation can give you the answers you need to make an educated decision.

Tree inventories have many benefits

Inventories are included in Tree Preservation plans though golf courses, municipal properties, college campus or any area with large amounts of trees can use these detailed reports to develop a plan and budget for tree maintenance.

For example, a schedule can be made that prioritizes pruning for trees that are most in need of maintenance.

A tree inventory may include

  • Species & trunk diameter
  • Condition & disease issues
  • Pruning priority & last pruning date
  • Any other info a client wants

A detailed map is made with all the information collected, including location and geography-like a super accurate GPS for your trees. This allows us to create customizable information rich maps for developing a sustainable management plan, which makes it easier to keep your trees healthy and strong.

ISA Certified Arborist Consults

  • Root evaluations
  • Tree inventories
  • Tree risk assessments
  • Tree preservation plans
  • Arborist reports
  • Loss and value appraisals
  • Municipal permit processing

Information is power

You may not know what services you need and that’s ok. We believe any time is a good time to ask questions.

When you need written documentation or a formal arborist report for insurance, business or other reasons, contact us.

Tree inventory Portland

Consulting starts with a call

We invite you to describe your tree-related problem to one of our Certified Arborist.  They’ll ask all the right questions as they gather enough information to determine how we can best help you.

If it’s determined that a formal consultation is needed, they’ll quote you a fee and set up a meeting.

Limit liability with Tree Risk Assessment

Do you have safety concerns about a tree that seems to look worse every year?  If so, a risk assessment can put your mind at ease while giving you the right information to act.

It’s a great tool for businesses as it determines the likelihood of a tree falling and potentially causing damage or bodily harm. 

A Risk Mitigation plan allows a business to assess their liability and be proactive in addressing the situation before an incident occurs.

Tree Preservation plans

Our consulting services also include arborist reports, complete with Tree Preservation Plans for commercial developers and construction companies in the Portland-Vancouver metro area.

We’ll supply you with written documentation of what trees can be removed and which can stay to keep in compliance with city or state regulations.  Our service can also include on-site supervision to help with the implementation of the plan.

The General Tree staff is experienced in working on arborists reports for developments of all sizes from industrial parks to building one house so contact us for your upcoming projects.

Tree Risk Assessment
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