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Professional Tree Services in Milwaukie

Visitors and customers love the look of healthy landscaping and well-manicured trees around your home or business. Protect your trees with help from General Tree Service.

Every home and business owner knows all about the responsibilities that come with owning a home or running a business. Having a beautiful landscape is just one aspect of what makes a home or commercial site appealing. Partnering with General Tree Service in Milwaukie is just one of the ways that you can maximize the value of your residential or commercial property.

Some of the reasons our customers repeatedly choose us for all of their tree service needs are:

  • Over 90 years in business
  • Multiple certified arborists and TCIA accredited
  • Written estimates by tree experts

General Tree Service is ready to help everyone realize the full potential of their trees and landscape. For nearly a century, locals have been tapping into our experience and knowledge. See the difference it can make working with professional tree service and schedule an appointment today. 

Milwaukie area rep

Our Milwaukie area rep is Kyle. He has 15 years of experience in the arboriculture field and a degree from Portland State University.

Passionate about helping people, he’s excited to work with you to improve the health of your trees and landscape and will answer all your questions.

general tree beaverton rep

Milwaukie area rep

Our Milwaukie area rep is Kyle. He has 15 years of experience in the arboriculture field and a degree from Portland State University.

Passionate about helping people, he’s excited to work with you to improve the health of your trees and landscape and will answer all your questions.

General tree pruning


  • Tree removal & stump grinding
  • All types of pruning
  • Tree & shrub fertilization
  • Root health care
  • Insect & disease control
  • Consulting arborist
  • Arborist reports
General tree landspace


  • Aeration & fertilization
  • Weed & insect control
  • Lime & moss control treatments
General tree health_care


  • Weekly/monthly maintenance
  • Weed control
  • Plant Health Care programs
  • Planting & transplanting
  • Seasonal cleanups



We have just had two maples removed by General Tree and they did a fantastic job. Both trees were diseased and rotting and they felled them safely and quickly. Excellent cleanup and communications.
The crew was on the job as promised and cleaned up each day as if they’d never been there. All the crew were courteous and friendly to onlookers.

Have used them before and will use them again.

Todd H. – Portland, OR

Safe Tree Removal

Tree removals can be one of the most dangerous jobs around a home if not done properly. Too often, trees take root near homes or power lines and no one attempts to intervene until it is encroaching. Once the tree is growing too near a structure, it takes the right training and equipment to do the job safely. 

Tree removal isn’t a job for an unlicensed landscaping company or a few friends with some pruning saws. Tree removal is a professional service that requires special training and tools to accomplish without causing unnecessary damage. General Tree Service is a licensed tree service company owned and operated by certified arborists. Not only can our crews safely remove any tree from a property, but we are also fully insured to take care of any damage that may result, keeping your property and our workers protected. 

What is the Purpose of Tree Pruning?

Pruning or trimming trees can seem contradictory at first. Shouldn’t a natural tree know how to grow optimally? Not necessarily. Trees that share space with people and structures are subjected to unnatural forces and limited space. When trees are limited by homes and power lines, they have to be pruned back to keep the space safe. Additionally, the added stress of weather-related events and nearby human activities can cause trees to grow in ways that are potentially harmful. 

Professional tree pruning and trimming are necessary to maximize the health of a tree. General Tree Service is a tree trimming service that is certified in the proper methods of tree trimming to keep trees healthy. When proper tree pruning techniques are used: 

  • Properties stay safe from falling limbs
  • Trees look more aesthetically pleasing
  • Unnecessary growth is removed to increase light exposure and air circulation
  • Rotten and dead limbs are removed 
  • Trees are able to devote their energy to stronger growth and abundant fruiting 

Methods of Stump Removal

The old-fashioned method of stump removal involved digging and chopping a stump out of the ground. While that is still useful in some situations, stump grinding is the industry standard for stump removal. Stump grinding uses a special machine that turns a long and tedious job into a fast and cheap service. 

At General Tree Service, we use the latest stump grinders to remove unwanted stumps. Whether our crews have removed your trees or you simply need stumps ground away, our crews can have the job done in a matter of minutes. 

A few reasons to get stumps removed can be:

  • Stumps are unsightly in landscaping
  • Stumps harbor wood-eating insects and fungus near homes and structures
  • Landscape can be restored more quickly
  • Regrowth from stumps is ugly and not structurally sound

Practices That Protect Tree Health

Trees are beautiful organisms that can live for decades and in many cases centuries when provided with the proper care. General Tree Service is dedicated to providing the highest level of plant health care available according to the latest research in the industry. Some of the services we provide that can help your trees thrive are: 

  • Species selection
  • Soil health management
  • Fertilization recommendation
  • Disease identification
  • Fungus and pest treatments
  • Seasonal pruning or trimming

When given the opportunity, trees can thrive. This means taking action to ensure they are as healthy as possible. If you have trees that seem to be struggling, call our certified plant health experts today to get your trees back on a healthy track. 

Around-the-Clock Emergency Tree Services

Trees are valuable assets to have around any residential or commercial property. But, in some cases, trees can be a liability. To further complicate things, trees don’t work a 9-5 schedule so tree emergencies commonly happen at an inconvenient time. When that happens, you need a tree service company that is always ready to quickly respond to keep your property safe. 

At General Tree Service, we are not only a full-service tree company, but we also have teams on-call on weekends to respond to emergencies. When trees fall on homes or block roadways, timing is everything. Problems like these can’t wait. Our crews will quickly respond to make the situation safe again. 

When a tree falls on your property be sure to:

  • Take pictures for insurance purposes
  • Stay away from downed power lines and call the power company 
  • Don’t attempt to remove the tree yourself– downed trees can be unpredictable
  • Report road hazards to local authorities
  • Call General Tree Service!

Our experienced teams are the fastest and the safest in the tree care business. With nearly 100 years in service to the local community and numerous certifications including the ISA and TCIA, our crews are ready to help you deal with the stress of a tree emergency. 

Invest in the trees around your residential or commercial property and give them the best care available. Call (253) 844-5141 today for a guaranteed quick response in Milwaukie, OR. 

We're here to answer your questions and help with your tree service needs.