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Professional Tree Services in Wilsonville

Keep trees and property safe with help from General Tree Service.

Trees are the perfect example of the relationship between the natural world and human activities. Most of the time the relationship is healthy and cooperative but often there is a clash that reminds us that nature is still in charge. Whenever home and business owners need a mediator to help keep this relationship healthy, General Tree Service is the go-to resource. Our crews continue to be a resource to the community for reasons like:

  • Over 90 years in business
  • Multiple certified arborists and TCIA accredited
  • Written estimates by tree experts

Whether a tree is encroaching on a home or a sentimental tree is showing signs that it is struggling, our certified experts are ready to help. Trust the health and safety of your trees and property to only the best. At General Tree Service our slogan is “growing great relationships through beautiful landscapes.” Let our team show how good that relationship can be!

Wilsonville area rep

Our Wilsonville area rep is Kyle. He has 15 years of experience in the arboriculture field and a degree from Portland State University.

Passionate about helping people, he’s excited to work with you to improve the health of your trees and landscape and will answer all your questions.

general tree beaverton rep

Wilsonville area rep

Our Wilsonville area rep is Kyle. He has 15 years of experience in the arboriculture field and a degree from Portland State University.

Passionate about helping people, he’s excited to work with you to improve the health of your trees and landscape and will answer all your questions.

General tree pruning


  • Tree removal & stump grinding
  • All types of pruning
  • Tree & shrub fertilization
  • Root health care
  • Insect & disease control
  • Consulting arborist
  • Arborist reports
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  • Aeration & fertilization
  • Weed & insect control
  • Lime & moss control treatments
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  • Weekly/monthly maintenance
  • Weed control
  • Plant Health Care programs
  • Planting & transplanting
  • Seasonal cleanups



We have just had two maples removed by General Tree and they did a fantastic job. Both trees were diseased and rotting and they felled them safely and quickly. Excellent cleanup and communications.
The crew was on the job as promised and cleaned up each day as if they’d never been there. All the crew were courteous and friendly to onlookers.

Have used them before and will use them again.

Todd H. – Portland, OR

Reasons Tree Removal is Necessary

In many cases, the decision to remove a tree isn’t made lightly. Trees take a long time to grow so owners are reluctant to have them removed. In some cases, permits will even be required before trees can be removed. Some of the reasons that trees need to be removed are: 

  • Trees grow too close to power lines
  • Trees contact roof lines or damage shingles
  • Tree roots disrupt foundations or sidewalks and driveways
  • Irreversible disease has caused the tree to die
  • Overcrowding that requires thinning trees 

General Tree Service is ready to help with tree removals from beginning to end. If the tree can be saved we will make every effort to do so. If once our arborists have seen the tree, it is decided that the tree needs to be removed, our crews will do so safely. Our goal is to protect our customers whether that is from a dangerous tree that needs to be removed or during the tree removal process, that’s why we guarantee the safety of our crew and your property during every job. 

How Can Tree Pruning Help?

Pruning a tree is one of the most beneficial practices for tree care. Throughout the tree’s life it will suffer damage and try to grow in ways that are bad for it long term. Pruning helps reverse the damage that occurs during a tree’s lifespan and it helps the tree grow in a more sustainable way. 

At General Tree Service, our experts know exactly how to maximize the health of a tree that is being pruned. Some of the things our customers notice after our certified arborists prune a tree are:

  • Better shape of the tree canopy
  • Stronger foliation
  • Stronger blooming or fruiting
  • Fewer problems with dieback and insect infestation
  • No weather-related problems 
  • Stronger, more vigorous growth 

Tree pruning isn’t necessary every year in most cases but in extreme cases, it may be a multi-year process. Get started today by scheduling an appointment with the experts at General Tree Service. 

Professional Stump Removal

One of the things that everyone forgets about when they remove shrubs or trees are the stumps. Often, tree owners are caught up in the process of a tree removal to think ahead about what they will do with the stump. Stumps can be big problems for a long time if not properly dealt with during the removal. 

Left on their own, nearly every stump will attempt to regrow within a few weeks. Just because the trunk and canopy of the tree were removed doesn't mean the roots aren’t still viable and active. But, when a stump regrows, the shoots that it sends up are ugly and not as strong as normal tree growth. Tree owners should have stumps removed immediately to prevent this situation. 

At General Tree Service, we use the latest stump grinding machinery to remove any stump, large or small. Instead of spending years fighting regrowth or days digging out a stump, let our crews remove your tree and shrubs stumps immediately. 

Our Arborists are Trained in Tree Health

Tree services spend a lot of time removing unwanted trees and that’s what their reputation becomes, tree removal contractors. What most people don’t know is that arborists are experts in tree health. An arborist spends a lot of their time consulting with tree owners helping them keep their trees healthy. With formal education and field experience, an arborist is an expert at:

  • Disease and pest identification 
  • Fertilization
  • Soil management
  • Species selection

At General Tree Service, we have multiple arborists on staff with decades of experience. As soon as a tree shows signs of distress, call our experts to help get your trees back on the right path. 

Our Teams are On Call for Emergency Tree Services

Weather is one of the most unpredictable forces of nature and also the one that stresses trees the most. When you need a company to respond quickly to an emergency situation involving trees, it can’t wait. General Tree Service keeps crews on call to respond to emergencies like:

  • Toppled trees
  • Limbs that have damaged structures
  • Trees blocking roadways or egress
  • Power lines in contact with trees

If a tree has caused an emergency, there are probably other things to worry about. Instead of trying to deal with a tree emergency on your own, keep safe with help from General Tree Service. Our crews are experienced and trained to deal with tree emergencies so you don’t have to.  

General Tree Service in Wilsonville is the local choice for safe tree removal and total tree health. Our experienced teams help residential and commercial customers improve the health of their trees. Call (253) 844-5141 today for an estimate on any of our services. 

We're here to answer your questions and help with your tree service needs.