Improper use of insect control can damage environment

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You probably have heard about the “bee kill” incidents in Wilsonville that occurred over the summer. This incident involved an insect control called Safari and is still under investigation by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. We have been informed this incident involved an improper application of Safari.

We were not involved in any of these events.  Safari is not supposed to be applied when plants are in bloom or when bees are present in the area. The EPA is currently developing new label instructions that will include added protection for all pollinators.

General Tree follows proper procedures

All of us at General Tree Service take our responsibility as environmental stewards very seriously. After all, we’re living and raising our families’ right here-along with you. We always follow the label requirements when we apply any type of insect, disease or weed control product. Since 1924, we have never had an incident where bees have been killed like the incident that occurred this year.


Our policy is to always use the safest, effective products available to control the target pest. Since the 1950’s, we have been a local leader and have been concerned with the environment long before “organic” and “green” became buzzwords.  In fact, we have been using green products such as Horticultural Oil and biological soft products for more than 25 years in our effort to take care of our planet.

Healthy plants are stronger

Each time we visit your home; we’ll inspect your landscape and then treat only the plant material that requires treatment.  This targeted approach reduces the amount of product applied and actually improves the health of the plant(s) thereby reaching our end goal of providing you with the healthiest landscape possible. After all, isn’t that what we’re striving for?

A healthy plant can withstand more insect or disease pressure than a stressed plant. That is why we often recommend other services that improve the overall health of your trees and shrubs. Our plant health care services may include fertilization, composting and proper pruning so when your technician makes a comment or a recommendation, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’re here to help!

Be assured that at General Tree Service, our goal is to provide you with a beautiful and healthy landscape in the safest, most effective way for our planet and your family.

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