Portland Oregon landscapes being attacked by a new pest-Azalea Lace bug

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Do your azaleas and rhododendrons look pale and off color?

The Azalea Lace bug may be attacking the underside of the leaves by sucking out chlorophyll, therefore reducing photosynthesis and transpiration. This results in heavily damaged leaves turning brown and causing defoliation. If left untreated, these azalea bugs can kill your beautiful plants leaving your landscape in devastation.

This is one of the fastest growing problems in our local landscapes!  With 4 or more generations per year, the Azalea Lace bug can raise havoc in a hurry. Left untreated, your plants may die or become so unsightly that they will need to be removed.


No need to worry as General Tree has ways to combat this growing problem!  We encourage all Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington homeowners to look at the underside of the leaves of your rhodies and azaleas.  If you find little brown or black spots under the leaves, you have an Azalea Lace Bug infestation! Call today and schedule to have a General Tree Service expert (ISA Certified Arborist) diagnose the problem and write a prescription.

What can be done?

We’ll evaluate growing conditions and formulate a plan to attack the problem. Solutions may include the following.

  • Removal of plants with severe damage
  • Adjusting cultural practices
  • Fertilization
  • Targeted treatments
  • Soil drenches to attack the pest in the various stages of development.

Don’t let your azaleas and rhododendrons fall prey to the Azalea Lace bug.  Take care of the problem and call today before it too late!

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