Ready For Winter? Pruning Trees Should Be Part Of Winter Prep

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Our storm season is just getting started and while you may have prepared your Portland home for high winds and rain, have you done the same for your trees?

Preventative pruning can decrease chance of damage

The high winds that often accompany our storm systems can wreak havoc to your property when branches fall or trees topple.  Just like maintenance to your vehicle, pruning is necessary to keep the trees in your Portland yard healthy, strong and looking good.  You may not have realized that regular pruning can also lessen the chance of damage to your house or car caused by breaking branches or falling trees.

Tree professionals and certified arborists can identify issues that lead to breakage, such as dead or dying branches or a diseased tree.  We often refer to this maintenance-type pruning as preventative pruning because we look for weak spots on the tree and trim those branches or areas which are most susceptible to breaking.

The chance of storm damage can be decreased by simply removing problem branches and we think you’ll agree that it’s money well spent as it also gives you peace of mind.


Don’t overlook trimming young trees as it’s important to do structural pruning as the tree grows.  Pruning a tree when young ensures it has a solid foundation as it grows so that it is fundamentally stronger and healthier, thereby decreasing the chance of breakage due to poor structure.

Before and after pruning photos

Pruning your trees has many benefits and while preventing damage is certainly one of the most important reasons, there are others.  Just look at these before and after photos.

You’ll probably agree that the tree looks much better after a trimming.  Like people needing a haircut, the tree looks ‘less shaggy’ after its branches are trimmed.

Of course, it’s best to leave trimming to a tree professional as cutting branches leaves a wound and when cut improperly, it can be an entry point for disease and/or insect infestation.


In addition to using the proper methods and techniques, pruning tall trees can be down right dangerous.  Our tree climbers have the appropriate safety gear, such as tree saddles and safety lines when working above 15 feet.  Plus, we wear head, ear and eye protection while placing traffic cones on the ground for marking off our work area.

It’s also important to use the right tools when working on any trees.  We always carry the proper equipment needed and can identify the right branches to cut to minimize storm damage and promote proper growth.  Wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to leave tree trimming to the professionals than to deal with a hospital bill after a fall?

Free estimates

Contact General Tree for your free estimate and you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to prepare your trees for winter.

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