It’s Always A Good Time To Plant Containers

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When you live in the Pacific Northwest, it’s never too early or too late to plant containers.  Whether you live in Portland Oregon or Vancouver Washington, that’s good news for homeowners.


Many people think containers are only good for planting annuals that will bloom throughout the summer season when, in fact, they offer many more options.

  • Can be enjoyed for 1 season or many years
  • Perfect for small yards and sprucing up your patio, deck, porch or entrance
  • Add color while establishing a focal point for your outdoor living area
  • Vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs or small trees can grow successfully in the right sized pots
  • Perennials, ornamental grasses and dwarf conifers can be enjoyed from year to year
  • Blend upright and trailing plants with colorful flowers for a delightful combination
  • Consider mixing pots of various colors and sizes into unique groupings
  • For added flair, put pots on pedestals, hang them or mounts planters on window sills


Looking for some plants that feature handsome foliage and flowers to brighten your doorway?  That’s no problem.  As you can see by the photo above, we can plant a series of containers to do just that.

The before and after photos of the blue container show how we can replace dead or dying plants with a new and fresh combination.  However big your backyard or patio, General Tree Service can design a series of containers to fit the area.

Depending on what plants you like, we’ll pick the right combination of flowering plants, perennials or small trees and plant them in appropriate sized pots.

The ideal blend features foliage and flowers with a long blooming season so the container looks great year-round.

Contact Iris at General Tree Service for more information on planting containers or other landscaping services.

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