Area Reps Offer Higher Level Of Service To Portland Communities

Serving Families Throughout Portland & the Pacific Northwest

This is the final installment of a 3-part series entitled Growing Customer Relations Is Focus Of General Tree Service


In our ongoing effort to improve customer service, we have designated specific employees to handle the communities in and around Portland and Vancouver.  We feel they are better able to address and solve issues when they are familiar with the area.  Keep reading to learn more about our community reps (in their own words).

  • Beaverton-Kyle
  • Hillsboro-Kyle
  • McMinnville
  • Lake Oswego, Tigard and Tualatin-Greg
  • Eastside and West Linn-Kevin
  • Vancouver-Ray
  • Commercial accounts and Wilsonville-Jim


I am a 2nd generation arborist and native Oregonian. I grew up helping my dad in his business, Cowboy Tree Service in Roseburg, OR and have been working in the green industry in the Portland metro area for the last 30 years.

I have bachelor degrees from Eastern Oregon University in biology and Oregon State University in animal science.  Specializing in consulting, tree preservation and plant health care, I am  an ISA certified arborist and tree risk assessment qualified.

I’m also licensed by the OSDA & WSDA in both ornamental & agricultural insect, disease & weed management, plus right of way and forestry.

As a Gold Card member of the Professional Cowboy Association I enjoy staying in touch with the sport. I enjoy all outdoor sports including the challenges of Geo Caching. My current daily find streak of 2,037 straight days currently ranks me 3rd in the state of Oregon.


I hail from everywhere as I grew up in all parts of the country.  I wound up in the Pacific Northwest for school, where I majored in horticulture.

My love of the outdoors and plant life kept me in Oregon.  I started my career at General Tree Service in 1994.  I worked as a climber and plant healthcare technician for many years.

I have been serving our clients as a representative for over fifteen years, and I look forward to working with you and improving your landscape!


I grew up in Eastern Washington spending my summers working on a wheat farm from high school all the way through college. I have a bachelor’s degree in Forestry/Geography from Eastern Washington University and Washington State University with a minor in Biology.

I have been involved in urban forestry for over 30 years and have been working for General Tree Service for over 27 years.  I am an ISA certified arborist and am a licensed commercial pesticide applicator and consultant through the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

I enjoy fishing, hunting, golf and bowling but my biggest passion is competitive gardening and particularly, growing giant pumpkins.  I have grown a personal best 1,868 lb. pumpkin and am ranked amongst the top 10 growers in the world.

I am a board member of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth which oversees the competitive weighing of thousands of giant fruits and vegetables throughout the world.  I am also a founder of the Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers, a Northwest group of competitive gardening fanatics!

I welcome the opportunity to meet and work with you to help you care for your trees and landscapes throughout your home and business.


I entered the tree care industry in 2005 after a severe windstorm rolled through my home state of Minnesota. In 2010 I moved to Portland to climb the beautiful trees of the Pacific Northwest.

After 15 years of swinging around in trees, I’m happy to put my passion and experience to work as the newest area representative at General Tree Service.

I graduated from Portland State University with a degree in philosophy and a certification in social entrepreneurship with studies focusing in behavioral economics, systems science, social innovation, and design thinking.

When I’m not immersed in the world of arboriculture, I’m busy with music, cycling, billiards tournaments, woodworking, leather working and spending time with my wife. I also volunteer on the board of directors for Robin’s Reach, a non-profit focused on community education and effectiveness monitoring for wetland restoration projects in the Portland metro area.

Portland and Vancouver area reps standing by to help

As you can see, we have some of the most dedicated tree and landscape professionals in the Pacific Northwest.  With a wide range of qualifications, they are ready, willing and able to handle any issues you have concerning the trees and plants on your residential or commercial property.

We are standing by ready to help you so contact General Tree Service to ask your question or schedule a consult or service.

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