Why Portland Homeowners Should Invest In Plant Health Care

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This is the 3rd post in our series about Plant Health Care (PHC). So far we have explained (in detail) what it is and what elements a PHC program should have in order to be effective.  This last post will explain why all Portland and Vancouver homeowners should invest in Plant Health Care.

Plants and trees are part of your real estate too

When you bought your house, you also bought the land and everything that grows on it.  Many homeowners overlook their yard but it’s part of your property and having a well-cared for lawn and landscaping will increase your property value.

Whether or not you plan on selling your house in the future, it’s always a good idea to invest in things that will cause your property value to grow.

Plus, you need to remember the condition of your house and land affects the value of the surrounding homes.  And let’s not forget the pride of ownership you’ll have with a manicured lawn and vibrant landscaping to enjoy.  You’ll neighbors will like it too.


We say yes.  Trees and large shrubs are important as they take up a larger portion of your real estate and there’s a considerable amount of time invested for them to grow to their present size (in some cases, a lifetime).  It would be nice if trees grew faster but science hasn’t found a way for that to happen yet.

Any plant that needs to be replaced is going to cost you money and depending on the type of plant, the price will vary.  In addition, there’s no amount of money that can replace a mature plant as only time and nurturing will get it to grow.  It could be many years before the plant reaches the size of the previous plant you had to replace.


Everything that grows in your yard shares at least 1 thing in common-the soil.  The roots of all the plants, trees, flowers and shrubs intermingle and compete for the nutrients and water in the soil.

The roots of a mature tree likely reach into the landscaped areas of your yard.  When a treatment is applied to one of your trees, it may affect the grass.  Likewise, all treatments applied to your lawn can affect your trees and shrubs.

This is another reason why it’s imperative to have a Plant Health Care program in place.  A PHC specialist knows all living things in your yard is connected and will develop a program with that in mind.

You would not want to treat one of your trees for a disease without knowing what kind of an impact it will have on the surrounding plants.

How much does Plant Health care cost?

The price of your PHC program will vary as it is customized to your landscaping and you may or may not include ALL the plants, shrubs and flowers in your yard.  The beauty of any PHC plan is that it can be tailored specifically to your needs and budget so the scope and cost of your plan will be different than your neighbors.

The condition of your plants in the beginning will affect the price of your plan.   Sometimes, short term costs may be higher than long term costs.  Why?  If you have plants and shrubs that are experiencing problems, extra care and treatments will be necessary at the start of your PHC program to get them healthy and strong.  Once all the plants are thriving, then it will be a matter of using preventative measures, which are usually less expensive.  A more comprehensive Plant Health Care program can give you peace of mind as it will cover a broader scope of services so if an issue arises, the treatment will be covered.

Remember, the trees and plants on your Portland property can be an asset or a liability.  A good Plant Health Care program can make sure they are an asset that can be enjoyed by you and your family for years to come.

Contact General Tree Service to set up a time for one of our plant specialist to come to your home or business to discuss our PHC plans with you.

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