The Top Three Fall Tree Care Techniques Everyone Should Know

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Tips for Fall Tree Care

Even if all the trees on someone’s property are all adult, mature-sized trees, it is still important to properly care for them each year before the cold weather hits. Fall is the perfect time for homeowners to give the trees in their yard a little tender loving care. Doing so acts as a winter coat of sorts, to ensure the tree is as strong and healthy as it can be, rather than struggling to pull nutrients all winter.

For those that are unsure of the different ways to properly prepare their trees for the fall and winter, below are the three common best tips. Continue reading to learn more.

Quality Mulch Is a Must

Trees tend to go in a state of hibernation during the winter, but unlike a bear, a tree can’t stock up on nutrients without the help of the homeowner. One great way to help prepare trees for their long rest during the winter is to re mulch them in the fall. It is important not to compromise on the mulch either.

Composted organic mulch: Composted organic mulch is the best type of mulch to put at the base of all the trees on the property every fall because it is great for retaining moisture and protecting against extremely low temperatures.

Trees Love Water

It is common to hear about droughts in the summertime, especially in places like California. However, the droughts in the wintertime might not be a risk for wildfires, but they are still a risk to the livelihood of trees.

Young trees especially benefit from this trick. Sometimes a little fall and winter watering can be just what the tree needed to keep it strong enough to last the winter months. That said, it is important to note that trees should never be watered when the ground is frozen. Doing so will most likely result in the death of the tree.

Remember to Prune!

It might seem counterintuitive, but pruning trees in the fall is a great way to literally “take a load off” of the tree.

Fall is the perfect time to prune trees for a number of different reasons:

  • Trees are dormant in the fall and winter
  • Easier to see the structure of the tree when the leaves fall off of it
  • Relieves stress
  • Encourages growth
  • All tree nutrients is used efficiently

Professionals would like to remind homeowners that professional pruning is a must. When homeowners decide to prune their trees without the help of an expert, they increase their risk of injury or injury to the tree itself.

General Tree Service Keeps You Safe

The experts at General Tree Service have been in the industry since 1924. They have the trained experience as well as the hands-on experience that homeowners expect from their arborists. They always want to be there for their customers as well, which is why they offer on-call hours during the weekend!

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