General Tree Service Celebrates Arbor Day 2022

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General Tree Service has been celebrating Arbor Day since 1924 by donating our services to a needy tree that isn’t getting or is unable to be provided by a homeowner or local business. The tree selected annually for each Arbor Day project is noteworthy in the community. Tree selection is based on the tree’s significance, if the tree can be taken care of by the city or owner, and the needs of the tree.

General Tree Service has been proud to sponsor Arbor Day activities by donating their services over the past several decades in the tri-county area of Washington, Clackamas, and Portland areas.

Eight years ago, when General Tree Service moved their main office to Beaverton from Clackamas, they teamed up with Jared Lane, the Beaverton city forester, to adopt a tree as the city has a list of significant trees, some of which need care. General Tree Service and the City of Beaverton have developed an excellent relationship to work together to identify trees in the community that need help.

The first tree in Beaverton that was accepted into the project was the large London Plane Tree at the Beaverton Library. City forester Jared identified this as a tree in need as General Tree Service was looking for a candidate for their annual donation in 2021. This tree, in particular, needed a tree specialist to help with care – specifically maintenance with pruning and fertilization.

Labor Day 2022’s donated services will go towards an Oregon White Oak located on Millican Way in Beaverton. This oak tree has weathered significant damage from the 2021 winter ice and snow storms and needs lots of TLC! Located at the Portland Clinic, 15950 SW Millican Way in Beaverton, this oak is adjacent to the parks and recreation path in the city.

For this project, General Tree Services is partnering with Portland General Electric and is coordinated through the city of Beavertown by Jared Lane. This large oak tree sustained substantial damage from the ice and snow, such as large broken limbs. General Tree Service will be performing hazard reduction and pruning to reduce the hazards of tree branches falling and deep root fertilization to keep the tree healthy!

Once the work is finished, PGE will place a plaque identifying the tree and a description commemorating the tree.

General Tree Service has guidelines for choosing their annual tree for service. First, the tree must have value as a significant or historical value in the community. Second, the tree must require maintenance that the owner typically cannot provide.

Do you know of a significant tree in your community that needs attention and can be a potential candidate for our Arbor Day tree for 2023? We’d love to hear from you! If you live in the tri-county area, please reach out to customer service and let us know that you have a tree for consideration to participate in our Arbor Day program.

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