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With winter finally ending, many of us are looking forward to springtime! The longer days, warmer temperatures, and increase in sunlit hours encourage us to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather!
Walking outdoors with friends and family in the spring is a relaxing activity. While strolling around your neighborhood, you can see the many plants in bloom, including the flowers growing all around your home. And then we see the weeds popping up in our yards!

Now you’re on your phone before you even walk into your home using Google to find
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Lawn Weed Control

While you can use many different weed treatments for lawns, such as cornmeal for weed control, Spectracide’s weed stop for lawns, or a weed control fertilizer, many of these DIY weed control products for lawns are a band-aid on a problem that has already started to spiral out-of-control. If you’d like to get ahead of the weeds this spring without spending hours spraying your yard or pulling the weeds, then you’ll want to find out more about pre-emergent weed control.

In addition, your DIY lawn care weed control can have many different types of weeds, and you’ll need to purchase multiple products to kill off those weeds. Using this type of lawn care weed control can use up several hours of your weekend. Spraying weed treatments for your lawn is not only expensive but also time-consuming if you want to
DIY your weed control.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

The best way to deal with weeds is to prevent them from growing in the first place. With this process, you can stop or prevent the weeds in your lawn from getting rooted in the soil. This is excellent weed control for your lawn because you eliminate the weeds in your grass from taking root. Unfortunately, once weeds take root, they overgrow and multiply, causing more weeds and more work for you when taking care of your lawn.

Convenient Weed Control for Your Lawn

Having a pre-emergent treatment at regularly scheduled intervals keeps weeds from growing so you can enjoy your lawn and keep your lawn looking its best. A pre-emergent treatment applied in the spring before weeds start growing and in the fall every year is beneficial for getting ahead of your weeds before they take root in your lawn.

With our weed control services, you can spend your time on the weekend enjoying your spring outdoor activities. At the same time, we spray our pre-emergent lawn care and prevent weeds from coming into view. Our service is timely budget-friendly, and you won’t have to spend the time bent over the ground pulling weeds from your lawn!

Lawn Weed Control that is Safe for Your Grass

When we use our pre-emergent weed control, our expert technicians use selective herbicides designed to kill only certain types of weeds, resulting in a green, healthy lawn without those pesky weeds!

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