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Posts About Plant Health Care

Apple Scab & Rust-Common Diseases In Portland

Apple scab & rust are two common diseases in Portland trees. Look for these signs & get it treated early.

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How Can Insects Harm Trees In Portland Yards?

Insects can be destructive to trees & shrubs in your Portland yard. Look for signs to catch infestations early.

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What is Armillaria Root Rot?

Armillaria root rot attacks over 700 species of plants and thrives in the mild climate of the Pacific NW.

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Frequently Asked Questions From Portland Homeowners

To better educate our customers, we answered your most frequently asked questions about our services.

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Mycorrhizal fungi helps plants and shrubs stay healthy

Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plants to help them obtain nutrients and moisture.

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It’s Always A Good Time To Plant Containers

Planting containers can be done at any time and offer many options including vegetables, flowers and small trees.

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