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Posts About Pruning Services

Winter is a good time to inspect your trees

With the leaves gone in the winter, our arborists can better see the structure and condition of your trees.

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Frequently Asked Questions From Portland Homeowners

Certified Arborists answer frequently asked questions to help you make better decisions about your landscape.

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Winter Is Great Time For Pruning Trees In Portland

Winter is a great time for pruning because the bare branches make it easier to determine pruning needs.

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Storm Recovery Tips For Portland Homeowners

Trees are made to bent in the wind but not all make it through our strong winds so here are storm recovery tips.

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Ready For Winter? Pruning Trees Should Be Part Of Winter Prep

High winds that accompany our storms can wreak havoc to your property when branches fall or trees topple.

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How To Prevent Storm Damage To Your Portland Home Pt.3

Part 3 in our series about preventing storm damage to your Portland home focuses on types of damage to trees.

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